RESEARCH + INSIGHTS: We want to engage with real users and staff in interviews and co-creation sessions to understand their real needs. Based on those insights, we can co-create solutions and find design opportunities. We hope that a deep study of real insights will help us discover valuable needs.

IDEATION: We want to use creative methods and design to solve the problems generated in the insight and research phase. Based on the user and staff’s needs, we want to visualize solutions. Our goal is to give every stakeholder a shared understanding of the future of their service.

PROTOTYPING: We want to test out the solutions created in the ideation phase as soon as possible. This way we can see if the concept is strong by experiencing its detailed interactions in use. In this phase we want to create scenarios with tangible touchpoints describing its use.

DELIVERY: We want to show were the potential intervention designs in a system that would increase the overall experience of the user. We are dealing with complexity, so we don’t want to chose one solution that will try to solve everything, but many small solutions in synergy.