The stakeholders working in the response sector, where much more difficult to contact. It was a very busy time for them and they did not understand what role design could play in the field that deals with sexual assaults.

Insights at the Oslo Emergency Hospital

Forensic evidence collection kit
The forensic evidence collection kit is located on a table right next to the gynecological chair. The kit consists of diffent kinds of swabs for different parts of the body.

Public waiting room
This is the waiting room victim’s usually wait before they have the counseling session with a social worker. When sitting there, and trying to feel how a victim feels like, it felt that it was too public and that “all eyes were on me.”

DNA Collector cloth to used when sitting
When the patient arrives for help at the emergency hospital in Oslo, he/ she has to sit on the couch on top of green sterilized cloth, to avoid the contact between the patient’s body and the couch. This is a solution implemented to capture the traces of DNA that might be on the surface of the victim’s clothes.

Examination Suite
The examination suite consists of a bench, a gynecological chair, an improvised changing area without curtains and a table for the forensic evidence collection kit. The windows are frosted and the space is quite small.