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It is important for us to explore different possibilities and have all our options open if we really want to innovate in this complex field. We did not limit ourselves to think of simple solutions, because we think that the sum of interrelated simple solutions may cause an impact.

That is why we created a concept track that is visualized in this systems intervention map. This map shows the key stakeholders involved in the sexual violence landscape, in prevention and response. Since we had personal interviews with each and every one of these stakeholders, after every meeting we thought of
possible design solutions that intended to answer the challenges we observed or they told us.

Some design solutions were better than others; some were more reflected and some were more spontaneous. Nevertheless, our goal was to register every one of them, because maybe in the future, we could start making connections between the different
concepts that were arising. Our intention is to make this diagram accessible to our different stakeholders because each of these ideas can be developed and need a little bit of thought. At least all these ideas present a shared vision to increase safety in the prevention landscape and to increase the user experience in the response landscape.

You are welcome to take any of these ideas if you see a potential in it.