Human Touch
An important part of the blanket is how it is put in. Someone must always put it on you, showing the human care and also the way that the hands are in the pockets.

It's not a rape blanket
It is important to tell the patient, at the moment when providing the blanket, that this is a type of blanket any patient uses when you need to store the DNA. That way it is not stigmatizing.

Small detail, but strategically placed
The blanket responds to two things: the DNA sheet they used to cover the couch with and the paper bags they put in the hands of the patient after the incident. Those two might sound details, but they were the first connection the patient had with the help response system. This blanket does both functions: practical by storing the DNA of the patient’s body and clothes and also conforting and giving support.

The blanket is an important part of the evidence for the Police. The patient should always place the blanket and clothes inside the evidence bags him/herself to ensure that there is no external

Pockets for the hands
The blanket is designed so that the patient can introduce his/her hands inside pockets. That way the traces/evidence of the hands are preserved better.

Squeeze Cushion
In the pocket, there is a small rounded cushion that the patient can squeeze if he/she is in panic. It also captures the DNA better when squeezing.