Information system that makes the process easier
and more transparent

We think an important aspect of control is having a transparent process where you can easily know what your options are to make better informed choices. There are difficult decisions to make during a situation where most of the patients are in shock, so the easier we make it for them, the better their experience will be.

The graphic identity of the information system is homogoneous between the socio-phycho, health and legal care. That way, the response system shows how coordinated they are in reality.

The service provider (either a social worker, a nurse, a doctor or the police) must go through the information with the victim/patient. If the patient is not ready to receive any information, an anonymous folder seals all the brochures for the patient to access them when he/she is ready. Every folder is personalized by type of sexual crime and the needs of the victim/patient.

It is important to tell the victim/patient that a sexual assault is never the victim's fault.

Also, it is important to let the victim/patient know what are the possible reactions to the medications he/she might have. There can be physical, emotional and phycological reactions.

The folder contains information about the medical, counseling and legal help. All of these services show the same graphic identity and visual language.

This sentence is contradictory, but it has a meaning. In order for victims/survivors to move forward they have to rediscover who they were before the assault. What they enjoyed and what they feared in order to heal.

These are just tips that try to deal with the taboo of speaking about sexual crimes. Many survivors have said that keeping a journal makes them familiarize with their feelings and then it's easier to talk about it.

These are also tips on how to deal with anxiety and ways to relax and connect your inner feelings and emotions.

We realized that mirrors can be very provoking after a sexual crime. Seeing yourself in the mirror after being brutally assaulted does not help healing.

Knowing that others have gone through similar situations can help victims feel less alone. Also they can share experiences on how to recover and fight the silence.

These are quotes from survivors.

There are many terms that doctors and police use that maybe victims are not familiar with. This section provides a dictionary of the common terminology.

These are examples of the definition of words commonly used.

Making the process more transparent. A simple way to show victims who they will see throughout the response process was by making a visual victim/patient's journey. In this journey it shows the main stakeholders involved and the important decisions that they will have to take. This is just a tool that can help the service providers engage in a better conversation.

This is an introduction to the process, its stakeholders and their roles.

This illustrates some important questions victims/patients may have.

People that victims/patients will meet on their path to recovery.

Show the services available -the safety net-.

There is an extensive directory of resource centers, websites and telephone numbers for victims of sexual crimes in Norway.