We started the project from a phase that was unknown personally for the both of us, we as most common people knew that sexual violence is a subject that is complex to solve. As media got our attention from the so called “rape wave in Oslo, a mass of people where standing together and having an open discussion about this subject. People were gathering and wanted to show their solidarity against such type of degrading behavior to human beings. We as many people at that time wanted to contribute.

We asked ourselves, what can we do?

In the beginning we where very insecure where this project would take us, we started to research in a product and service direction aimed towards prevention. We contacted different stakeholders to see if we could get a bigger perspective on this subject to extract some details that where captured by our design radar.

The reasearch phase took much longer time as we expected, and we where letting the design process work for itself, meaning we had to trust that the steps we took in the unknown would lead as to some kind of opportunities we could stand for.

We chose not to work with prevention, but the response area and go deeper into a system that could be improved. To structure our understanding of this field, we created a Giga Map, but the Giga Map turn out to become a product for our stakeholders, since both police and SAC would take use of this information to understand and make other people get a broader perspective on this area.

We also wanted to come up with solutions that could give rape victims and potential rape victims a voice through design, and give it more dignity.

As we see this topic, from our findings and research. We conclude that it is not one single product, service or educational or political system that will tackle this topic by its own. We believe that our result in this project is reflecting the complexity of this area. It is a system of many entities that has to work together and not separately tackle an such issue.

Will sexual violence be solved in the future? We don't know, but as long as people and the mass says it can’t be solved, it will not be solved.

Through our findings that translated into conceptual solutions we found out that there are many design opportunities in this field. We did not foresee this happening. Nevertheless, the main value we now reflect on our project’s process was the ability of finding those design opportunities.

Our results are not finished design solutions, they have been iterated and tested, but they still have a long
way to go.

What next? We have made a network of such great stakeholders that at the beggining were skeptical about design, but now they learned the value. This gives us enthusiasm to continue this path and apply for support. This has already been discussed with representatives of the Sexual Assault Center, the Police Division of Sexual Crime and AHO and they would like to take part of this round two.

More than our design result, we treasure our complex design process that lead to great discoveries and solutions that were never co-created before.